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Lake Shelbyville Area Trails

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Lake Shelbyville Area Hiking & Biking Trails.

lake-shelbyville-illinois-walking-hiking-biking-trailsCoon Creek Trail – 0.7 miles

Located in Coon Creek Recreation Area, this .7 mile nature trail meanders through the woods giving you an opportunity to connect with nature throughout the year.

Camp Camfield – 1.2 miles and 5 miles

These two trails offer picturesque views of the lake and mountain bike experiences for both beginners and experienced bike riders. A fishing pond is located along one of the trails and is within walking distance of the parking lot.

Okaw Bluff Trail – 1.2 miles

Located at the entrance of Okaw Bluff Group Camp, this trail winds along a bluff overlooking the lake and next to a 100-acre wetland. It includes two photography blinds and a wildlife viewing stand. The area along this trail is designated as a watchable wildlife viewing area and is a prime area to view migrating waterfowl and shorebirds during the winter and spring migrating seasons.

Chief Illini Trail – 11 miles

A National Recreation Trail, this trail is a scenic journey winding across rolling hills and prairies offering close-ups of the lake. This trail starts at Lone Point Campground and ends at Eagle Creek State Park. The first 2-mile section of this trail is the Little Illini Trail. A trail camping shelter is available for reservation and is only available to hikers while hiking the entire trail. For trail camping shelter reservations call 217-774-3951, Ext.2.

General Dacey Trail

A multipurpose trail that is designed for walkers, runners, and bicyclists. The trail runs behind the Scout Cabins in Forest Park to the Dam West Recreational Area. The trail is expanding every year.

Eagle Creek Trails

Three marked nature trails for tranquil & refreshing sojourns in the forests, as well as access to the 11-mile Chief Illini trail for the more adventurous hiker and a 3-mile cross-country ski trail for invigorating wintertime activity.

Hidden Springs Trails

Opossum Hollow Nature Trail, 3/4 mile in length. The Big Tree Trail, 1 mile in length, features a sycamore 78 inches in diameter, one of the largest to be found in Illinois. Rocky Spring Trail is 3 miles in length. Seventeen miles of fire lanes also provide access to remote areas of the forest.

Wolf Creek Trails

For refreshing walks in the forests, Wolf Creek contains seven hiking trails. For invigorating wintertime activity there is a 16 1/2-mile snowmobile trail, and for the equestrian there is a scenic 15-mile trail.