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Directions to Shelbyville By Rail Bus

Directions to Shelbyville By Rail Bus 2017-01-29T14:35:03+00:00

Directions to Shelbyville by Rail Train or Buslake-shelbyville-illinois-shelby-county-tourism-amtrak-station

Many visitors like to travel to Shelbyville Illinois or our beautiful Lake Shelbyville the easy way, by taking the scenic route via railroad or public bus.

By Train

Shelbyville is located 20 minutes west of Mattoon, Illinois (MAT) home of the Amtrak “City of New Orleans” service line running north and south between Chicago and New Orleans.The Amtrak station in Mattoon is newly renovated and is located at 1718 East Broadway Ave. 61938 There are 3 departures & 3 arrivals daily via the City of New Orleans as well as the Illini, and Saluki services. new-orleans-line-chicago-shelbyville-illinois Additionally, Shelbyville IL is about an hour away from the state capital of Springfield, Illinois (SPI), home of the Amtrak Texas Eagle and Lincoln service line running between Chicago, St. Louis, San Antonio, Tx and finally Los Angeles, Ca. with 5 arrivals, 5 departures via Texas Eagle and 4 via the Lincoln service. For more info visit san-antonio-texas-line-to-shelbyville-illinois

By Buslake-shelbyville-illinois-shelby-county-tourism-greyhound-bus-station

Greyhound Bus service is also available into Mattoon, IL as well as Decatur, IL which is 40 minutes northwest of Shelbyville. For more info visit